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Project Overview

The Chloroplast Phenomics Database hosts data from three related projects: 

NSF MCB-1119778, Computational and Experimental Studies of Plastid Functional Networks. PI: Shin-Han Shiu, co-PI: Rob Last, starting date September 2011
The long-term goal is to understand the gene functional networks that regulate plastid functions and plant response to environmental perturbations. Our specific aims are:


  1. Establish PNG transcriptional networks.
  2. Enhance the value of existing PNG mutant phenotypic data:
  3. Experimentally characterize computationally predicted PNG functional modules

NSF MCB-1244008, Identifying and Understanding Connections between Photosynthesis and Amino Acid Metabolism, PI: Yan Lu, co-PI: Rob Last, starting date March 2013 
The long-term goal is to gain a better understanding of the connections between two important biological processes: photosynthesis and AA metabolism. Our specific aims are:

  1. Phenotypic characterization of mutants disrupted in co-expressed genes.
  2. Correlation network analysis to identify genes important for photosynthesis, amino acid metabolism, and other biological processes.
  3. Experimentally t esting hypotheses generated from correlation network analysis.

NSF MCB-0519740, Arabidopsis 2010: Understanding Chloroplast Function. PI: Rob Last, co-PIs: Christoph Benning, Dean DellaPenna, John Ohlrogge, Katherine Osteryoung, et al., 12/05-11/10. 
The primary goal was experimental inference of functions for Plastid-targeted Nuclear-encoded, protein Genes (PNGs).